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Poulét; meaning chicken in French, is the first French casual dining restaurant chain in Singapore. The new introduction is a modern French-themed bistro offering affordable French classics to the mass public.

Driven by the passion and inspiration from market ingredients and classic French cooking techniques, Poulét serves up an array of French cuisines priced at a comfortable range. Menu offerings include everything requisite to compose a complete French meal; Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Mains, Sides and Desserts.

Poulét Roti, the Signature Roasted Chicken is the highlight of the restaurant’s menu list. Brined in the house’ secret recipe, the chicken infused with layers of rich flavours is serve in creamy home-made Fresh Button Mushroom Chardonnay sauté, creating a perfect symphony to the signature dish.

Poulét sports a contemporary interior design furnished with wooden tables and modern classic chairs. Diners will be able to view the chefs in action through an open kitchen while indulging in casual comfort.

Whether you are looking for great French food at an affordable price or a perfect place to dine with your date, Poulét has something for everyone to savor and indulge in. The contemporary French-themed bistro welcomes any occasion worth celebrating.

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