Ichiban Boshi Japanese Restaurant/Kuriya Japanese Market

Tel: +65 6734 3433

Enjoy the freshest sushi and sashimi from Kuriya Japanese Market in your home parties.
To order, just call or send us a fax and we’ll get it ready just before your preferred pickup time.
At Kuriya Japanese Market, we offer the freshest fish and seafood carefully selected and air-flown directly from Japan three times weekly. Our fish specialist in Osaka, Japan visits the market every morning at 4am to select the freshest fish and seafood, which is then packed and air flown to Singapore immediately. Thus, the highest quality of freshness is guaranteed.
Providing a one-stop solution to home makers,Kuriya Japanese Market also offers Japanese fruits, Japanese sake, frozen Japanese food items, Japanese sauces and other imported Japanese seasonings and condiments to make a complete meal.
Fancy sweet kyoho grapes or juicy momo (peaches) in season? With our otoriyose service, you can place customized orders for seasonal seafood, fruits, vegetables or fresh produce from Japan. We guarantee the lowest prices in the market for products directly imported from Japan.
Kuriya Japanese Market now also offers a variety of hot snacks such as pumpkin croquettes, ebi fry, salmon teriyaki and a bakery corner with daily fresh bakes and pastries.