Four Seas Fish Grill

Tel: 6219 2262

Welcome to Four Seas Fish Grill! For fish lovers, Four Seas Fish Grill brings to you a wide selection of the freshest fish sourced straight from both local and international harbours and markets, cooked in a variety of ways with our signature selection of homemade gourmet Asian sauces and seasonings such as our Grated Old Ginger Sauce, Spicy NonyaSauce and our MentaikoMayo topping. Grilled, steamed, pan-seared, wok-tossed or deep-fried, our thoughtfully curated pairings accentuates the flavour of each type of fish, while retaining their fresh and delicate texture, locking in all the wholesome nutritional goodness that is just fish! And savour too our wide selection of daily tasty side dishes and superior slow-boiled fish soup, that comes with compliments from us. At Four Seas Fish Grill, fish is for everyone!

A new dining experience by Joyden Concepts (2018).