Pepper Steakhouse & Bistro / The Pump Room

Tel: +65 6887 3229

Pepper is a new Steakhouse & Bistro guaranteed to delight diners with
its carefully-sourced premium menu, serving up quality meats grilled to suit every taste bud, right down to where the meats are bought.

Beef lovers will be spoilt for choice with the five beef types, namey New Zealand ‘Harmony’ Organic Fed Prime Beef, New Zealand Grass Fed ‘Savannah’ Black Angus Beef, New Zealand “Firstlight’ Grass fed Wagyu, New Zealand ‘Wakanui’ Grass Fed/Grain Finished and Australian “Harvey” Grain Fed Prime Beef, all served with either one of the four peppery sauce types.

Patrons will also rejoice at the free flow of french fries that accompany every steak order. With its baby blue pepper-shaker motif, Pepper stands out from the run-of-the-mill restaurants with a carefully calibrated ambience of a classic steakhouse and bistro with a modern twist.