Delicious Off-Peak Eats @ Ichiban Boshi

Tel: 6734 3433

$5.90 Off Peak Set

Udon or Donburi, take your pick. Indulge in these delicious off-peak eats for only S$5.90++!
Only available Monday through Friday from 3:00 to 5:30pm.

Mini udon set comes with green tea

– Karaage Curry Udon with crispy chicken, poached egg and chilli padi

– Kinoko Nabeyaki Udon with assorted mushroom and poached egg in miso broth

– Kakiage Maze Udon with mixed mushroom & vegetable tempura and poached egg

Mini rice bowl set comes with miso soup and green tea

– Ishiyaki Buta Suki Don with sweet sukiyaki pork slices, assorted mushroom and tofu

– Ishiyaki Beef Yakiniku Don with beef slices and vegetables in house-special sauce