Bazuka Yakibuta バズか 焼豚

Tel: 6735 1398

Our Roast Pork is very juicy and tasty

Our roast pork is made from a special recipe that we create ourselves – it takes three days to make.  You will not find roast pork like this elsewhere.  The roast crackling pork has a crunchy skin and the meat is bursting with flavour.  The caramel pork is made from all-natural seasonings and is brushed with honey and crisped in the oven.  The taste explodes in your mouth!

Pocket Snack

We always wish we can carry the tasty roast pork in our pocket.  That’s why we make this special pork sandwich.  It’s chunky roast pork stuffed into a healthy pita pocket.  Ask for creamy mayonnaise to go with it.  We hope you will try it!

Signature Donburi

After you choose your roast pork – crackling, caramel or a combination of both, we assemble your bowl with top grade Shokaku short-grain rice, house sauce, homemade crunchy pickles and crispy chili.  Don’t forget to complete your bowl with the onsen egg.  It goes very well together!

Onsen Egg

The eggs are cooked precisely at 62.5C for one hour in a water bath.  The result is a beautiful translucent sphere that is very pretty to look at and fun to break into when you mix it into your rice.  Only the freshest eggs can be used for this special method!